Everything design studies ever did for me…

A design symposium & retirement party for the one and only, Brian Donnelly

In a world where it’s possible to make anything, the real work is choosing what to make.

Comparing my BDes and MDes coursework

The norms around what classes were cool had changed, but so had what I was actually designing.

J. Christopher Jones, “Design Methods” (1970) | Meredith Davis, AIGA Boston keynote (2008)
Hugh Dubberly, “The Space of Design.” ACM Interactions, Sept-Oct 2010

2004–2010: the graphic design years

A small sample of my work over three years at POP

2011-now: shifting towards human-centred design

Funnily enough, in the shift from graphic design to post-its, whiteboards, and HCD, my carpal tunnel went away too!
Design Camp: teaching 150 TD Bank employees about human-centred design

In hindsight, design studies helped me take my first step towards a focus on systems, experiences, and context-negotiating. In this way, I might say that design studies gives all students space to take a step back from learning their craft and think about what it all really means.

Thank you, Brian! 🎉🎉🎉

Forever listening and learning from you…




Designer. Researcher. Cyclist. Reader. 🇨🇦 http://www.runcomrade.ca/

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Janice Wong

Janice Wong

Designer. Researcher. Cyclist. Reader. 🇨🇦 http://www.runcomrade.ca/

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